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Sorrow song no1
Sorrow song no2
Western wall
The prophet/artist 01
The prophet/artist no2
Jewish quarter road
St Francis road
St Mark street
Via Dolorosa no2
The Box
The Box - Detail
The Box - Detail
The Box - Detail

This is a project that started of with the ambition to create an artbook based on the book in the Bible called “the book of lamentations”. It´s a story of destruction and despair and a people left in the ruins of their city and holy temple. It´s also about the people that where captured and moved to a far away country. A people in exile. Later on it evolved into becoming art pieces that have been exhibited in various places.

Placed within the judeo-christian context my narrative deals with sorrow, mourning and the feeling of despair both as a collective and personally. It´s an existential journey that processes the aching longing for something dear that has been lost.

Having received a travel grant from Helge Ax:son Jonson, I went down to Jerusalem together with a musician friend of mine for Tischa B´Av - an annual fast day in Judaism which commemorates the destruction of the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem and the subsequent exile of the Jews from the Land of Israel. The day also commemorates other tragedies which occurred on the same day, including the Roman massacre of over 500,000 Jews at Betar in 135 CE. Instituted by the rabbis of 2nd-century present-day Israel, Tisha B’Av is regarded as the saddest day in the Jewish calendar and a day which is destined for tragedy.

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