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The Order of Fascination

The Order of Fascination is a creative collaborative community that spreads from Finland to Sweden and all the way to Scotland. Inspired by the concept of a monastic order, where rhythm and a ordered/structured way of life is put in place as a foundation for spiritual growth and maturity, we strive to find similar ways how to develop helpful practices in our artistic endeavors.

Our aim is to spread ideas that inspires, equips and challenges artist in their pursuit for work, through gatherings, workshops, conferences and online communities.

Initiators are: Carina Ahlskog (Fin), Sylvia Javén (Fin), Samuel Sander (Swe) with help from friends Owen Daily (Uk) & David McCulloch (Uk).

YEAR ONE : INITIATION {a starting point of sorts}
Nicolai Berdyaev – The Meaning of the creative act. 

We will focus on reading this book by Russian philosopher Nicolai Berdyaev and invite people to a gathering in Stockholm to further explore Berdyaevs ideas and visions for the creative act. This will be an event that also will spark and ignite the new community that will form itself from the gathering.


“Creativity is the supreme mystery of life, the mystery of the appearance of something new, hitherto unknown, derived from nothing, proceeding from nothing, born of nothing other…”

“True life is creativity, not development: it is the freedom for creative acts, for creative fire, rather than necessity and the heaviness of congealing self-perfection.”






YEAR TWO : STRUCTURING THE NECESSITIES  {developing a sustainable practice}

YEAR THREE : FOR THE LOVE OF ART {returning to where it all began}